CADathlon Brasil 2022 2nd Brazilian Programming Contest for Design Automation of Integrated Circuits


Final Results

The CADathlon Brasil 2022 was a huge success! A total of 15 teams coming from four different Brazilian regions have participated. The top 5 teams were:




Member 1

Member 2

Team Score


Turma da monica


Enzo Yoshio Niho

Eduardo Quirino de Oliveira





Arthur João Lourenço

Bernardo Borges Sandoval





Vitor Hugo da Silveira Fuerstenau Maciel

Rodrigo Nogueira Wuerdig





Luis Enrique Murillo Vizcardo

José Eduardo Thums



Igor e Victor


Igor Meirelles Martins

Victor Raposo Ravaglia de Oliveira



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SBMicro (Brazilian Microelectronics Society)

About the Event

The 2nd Brazilian Programming Contest for Design Automation of Integrated Circuits (CADathlon Brasil 2022) is a programming competition that focuses on techniques and tools for EDA (Electronic Design Automation). It is inspired by the ACM/SIGDA CADathlon, which occurs annually as one of the events associated with the ACM/IEEE ICCAD (International Conference on Computer-Aided Design). As in the first edition, which occurred in 2010, the teams, formed by couples of graduate and/or undergraduate students, will work to solve 6 programming problems related to EDA techniques that are prepared by collaborators that work in EDA companies and/or in academia. Three weeks prior to the contests the teams will receive the topics and the related literature, but the problems themselves will be detailed only in the contest session, on August 2. The problems will be solved using C++, Python and possibly other languages, as informed prior to the contest day.

CADathlon Brasil 2022 will occur in person, as one of the satellite events of the 42nd Annual Congress of the SBC (Brazilian Computer Society), in “Instituto de Computação”, campus of Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro State, on August 2nd.

The topics of the problems are related to EDA, and include:

  • Circuit Design & Analysis
  • Physical Design & Design for Manufacturability
  • Logic & High-Level Synthesis
  • System Design & Analysis
  • Functional Verification & Testing
  • Future technologies (Bio-EDA, Security, AI, etc.)


The prizes are a courtesy of our Platinum Sponsor, Synopsys Inc.

  • The first place team will be granted a R$ 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred Brazilian reais) prize
  • The Second place team will be granted a R$ 1,000.00 (one thousand Brazilian reais) prize

Financial Support

The CADathlon Brasil 2022 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the availability of financial support for travel and accomodation for the participating teams, thanks to our sponsors Synopsys Inc. and Chipus Microeletrônica S.A. The teams interested in benefiting from this support must mark this option in the pre-registration form* (see step 2 of the “Registration Instructions”).

* Subject resource to availability

Registration Instructions

  1. Invite a friend or colleague to form a team to participate in the CADathlon Brasil 2022. Choose a fantasy name for your team
  2. Make the pre-registration until July 15, 2022 by filling out the form available on
  3. Register to CSBC 2022, choosing the option “CADathlon Brasil 2022”: 
    1. Access the link  
    2. In section “Atividades Adicionais”, mark the “CADathlon Brasil 2022” 
    3. Complete the registration and execute the payment. 
  4. Send the registration receipt by e-mail to fabian.cabrera.r at gmail dot com and to renan.o.netto at gmail dot com until July 23th 2022.

Observation: according to SBC rules, all participants of the satellit events (as the CADathlon Brasil 2022) must be registered at CSBC.

Important Dates

  • Pre-registration of two-person teams and confirmation of interest in receiving financial support*: due July 15, 2022 (extended)
  • Announcement of the teams selected to receive financial support: July 17, 2022
  • Release of the supporting bibliography: July 22, 2022
  • Submission of the CSBC2022 registration receipt*: due July 23, 2022
  • Contest: August 2, 2022
  • Communication of the result to the teams: August 3, 2022 (by email)
  • Official announcement of the top 2 teams and delivery of prizes: August 3, 2022 (in the official CSBC 2022 dinner***)

** Please note: in the “Additional Activities” section, check “CADathlon Brasil 2022”

*** The members of the top 2 teams will receive the tickets for the official CSBC 2022 dinner as part of their prizes.

Important notice: due to infrastructure limitation, the number of teams is limited to 15.


Language: The official language is Portuguese.

Teams. Each team must be formed by two graduate or undergraduate students regularly registered in Computer Science/Engineering courses or related areas. Due to infrastructure limitation, the number of teams is limited to 15.

Registration. According to SBC rules, every person attending the Congress of the SBC (CSBC) satellite (fringe) events must be registered to the main event, i.e., the CSBC itself. Please refer to the section “Registration Instructions” section for detailed information on the registration procedure.

Prizes. The 1st or 2nd place teams will be granted R$ 1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred Brazilian reais) and R$ 1,000.00 (one thousand Brazilian reais) prizes, respectively, to be given by the Platinum Sponsor Synopsys in the official CSBC 2022 dinner, on August 3rd, 2022. The top 2 teams will also be invited to participate in the CADAthlon @ ICCAD, provided that they have solved a minimum number of problems.

Computational Infrastructure. Every team will be granted access to a computer with Ubuntu Linux standard installation, including development tools and other software infrastructure required to solve the problems. The exact configuration will be announced in the week previous to the contest. 

Problem Definition. The list of topics to which the problems belong will be made available on the date specified in the event schedule (July 22, 2022). Supporting bibliography and any other material will also be made available by the same date.   The problems will be prepared by a team of international researchers from industry and academia. The teams are encouraged to study those topics and train their algorithmic implementations prior to the contest by using  the provided material.

Contest Realization. The contest will occur as a one-day event, beginning at 9 a.m. of August 2, 2022, in a laboratory of “Instituto de Computação”, in the UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense) campus, in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro state, with the presence of the judging board, and will respect procedures and rules to be disclosed on site for submission of solutions.

Other rules and necessary information will be updated here.

Organizing Committee

General Chairs:

José Luis Güntzel (UFSC)
Fabian Leonardo Cabrera Riano (UFSC)

Program Committee:

Renan Oliveira Netto (UFSC)
Tiago Augusto Fontana (UFSC)
Augusto Berndt (UFSC)
Sheiny Fabre Almeida (UFSC)

Local Arrangements:

Carlos Pantoja (CEFET)

Problem Contributors:

Breno Rodrigues Guimaraes (Cadence Design Systems)
Felipe Marranghello (Synopsys)
Gracieli Posser (Cadence Design Systems)
Guilherme Flach (Synopsys)
Henrique Plácido (Synopsys)
Jucemar Monteiro (Synopsys)
Luis Humberto Rezende Barbosa (Cadence Design Systems)
Mateus Fogaça (Cadence Design Systems)
Mirlaine Aparecida Crepalde (Cadence Design Systems)
Rafael Gontijo Hamdan (Cadence Design Systems)


José Luís Güntzel

(j.guntzel at ufsc dot br)


Fabian Cabrera

(fabian.cabrera.r at gmail dot com)

Sponsor Societies

Special Committee on Circuits and Systems Design (CECCI)

South Brazil CEDA Chapter

Organized by

Platinum Sponsor

Silver Sponsor